How We Work


How We Works

Choosing the fabric

Once we get to know you and your preferences, we will find the right fabric that best meets your needs. But the process doesn’t end there. It extends to things like lapel and cuff shape, cuff buttons, vents, lining, contrast stitching, pleats, and so much more. All this will help you picture the fabric as a finished product. Keep in mind, we are here to give our suggestion but you will have the final say in everything.

Measuring You Up

After selecting the fabrics, we take your measurements. Measuring you isn’t translating your body into a bunch of numbers, but an observation of all unique body features, like large biceps, sloping shoulders, long neck to ensure a perfect fit. We also take your pictures to observe every detail before cutting.

Making a pattern

Once measured, our tailor will create a paper pattern to serve as a blueprint for all future clothes made for you. We make a note of all changes in your body to ensure the perfect fit every time.

First fitting

The first fitting will take place, either a day after we take your measurements, or the same day itself. You can decide details like the length of the jacket and the size of the lapel. Our approach is very simple. We make it a bit loose and pin it up to fit your body the way you prefer it.

Second Fitting

The second fitting is optional. After the first fitting, the outfit will already be very close to your body size. The second fitting will cater to any minor changes, if required.

Finishing Up

The mark of a bespoke suit lies in the details. Once the fitting is done, finishing touches, such as stitching up the buttons, name embroidery, and button holes will be made. Once the garment is ready, you can come pick it up or have it delivered right to your doorstep.


I live in Japan and was in Bangkok for a short business trip.On my last day there I stumbled across RJ Uomo . I was impressed with the selection of fabric and the customer service was outstanding. I chose a few shirts and arranged to have them shipped to me in Japan. Before sending all of my shirts they sent a test shirt to make sure it fit. It required a couple of minor adjustments and the rest fit better than any shirts I've ever owned. I've had cloths made all over the world with mixed results but it's that type of customer service in addition to the excellent craftsmanship that's kept me as a loyal customer.
Mobosowo Sampson
(Tokyo, Japan)
I have been a customer of RJ Uomo since 2011 and have had several suits, a skirt and shirts made. All have been of excellent quality and superb fit. The choice of fabrics is superb, with top quality Italian wool, Egyptian cotton, Thai silk and wool crepes available. From the first time I went there, the service has always been very friendly and extremely professional. I can always have as many fittings as I feel I need and have always ended up with a perfect outfit at a very reasonable price. I highly recommend RJ Uomo.
Barbara Kenny
(London, UK)
I began my new job in Thailand with a minimal wardrobe that needed to be expanded in a hurry. A friend introduced me to RJ Uomo, where Manju, Arjun and their tailors ensured I was equipped with smart, well-designed and well-stitched trousers, shirts and suits. Kudos to RJ Uomo for their quick and sophisticated work and friendly service! Highly recommended.
Roy Wadia
(Mumbai, India)
I have had several suits made at RJ Uomo and they have all come out really well. They are extremely helpful in terms of getting things made quickly and delivered so you don't have to sit through Bangkok traffic. They give helpful suggestions regarding style and fabrics and I have received many compliments on suits made from them. They go above and beyond.
Shaun Shroff
(San Francisco, California)
I have been a loyal customer of RJ Uomo for over 10 years. No matter what shape I am in, they always ensure my clothes fit my body perfectly. The level of attention to detail is nothing short of outstanding, and the owners are always happy to provide altercations or further service should you happen to lose a few pounds for example. The thing that keeps me coming back is that there are always fresh and new options to choose from, at prices that always suit my budget at the time. I am more than happy to recommend them to anyone who lives in or is visiting Bangkok. Great job guys, and thanks for being awesome.
Aditya Khorana
(Bangkok, Thailand)
RJ Uomo, an unassuming small family-run shop in a shopping mall in Bangkok. I needed a black coat to wear in concerts (I am a conductor of orchestras) and they made a very beautiful long coat of genuine Thai Silk. It is very stylish and made to measure. When I return to work in Thailand, I will ask them to make more clothes for me: good quality and honest price.
Martin Andre
(London, UK)
R.J. Uomo is not just a business relationship, but each meeting is a renewal of a warm friendship. It is always s great joy to see Manju and Arjun again and we each learn new things about each other. The quality of the tailoring is unsurpassed. Every visit to Bangkok I seek new clothing. One time Manju tailored an unusual Great Gatsby era vest from photos sent to Arjun. They crafted a thai silk bollero for my daughter which she wears with great enjoyment at Tisch NYU. R.J. Uomo is not just a transaction but also another step towards enlightenment.
Philip Hogan
(Cambridge, Massachusettes)
I have used this tailor for 5 years and they have provided great service and workmanship. They have a wide selection of fabrics, attention to details and prompt in delivery. There is no need to look for other tailors as I have experienced excellent service with them.
Christopher Tan
Our experience at RJ Uomo was impeccable, from the moment that one enters the store you are treated with true Asian hospitality. The owners make you feel more like family than customers and the staff always ready to help. The materials and workmanship are of the best quality. Definitely getting more suits from RJ Uomo in the future!
Walid Abdool
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