About Us

Our story

RJ Bespoke, started as RJ Uomo in 1985, as a classic, fine tailoring brand for ladies and gentlemen. The brand has now evolved into a bespoke, quintessentially timeless brand, embodying style at its best. Our aim is to create impeccable menswear and womenswear – a superior alternative to off-the-rack clothing, at outstanding value.

Our store is located right in the heart of Bangkok, in Amarin Plaza, where our founder set up the first store more than three decades ago. The newly renovated store has been designed to fit with our philosophy of exceptional quality, innovation, and outstanding value.

Our experience of more than thirty years motivates us to treat each day as a new lesson. While we never know what may come in to our store, we ensure that well-dressed ladies and gentlemen will be walking out of our doors.

For decades, fashion houses and retailers have had you rush back-and-forth from the dressing room with standard sized clothing that fit no one. With RJ Bespoke, you don’t have to be stuck with off-the-rack clothing. We tailor superior, sartorial fashion that are truly unique, just like you.

We believe in perfection and this belief is sewn into every single one-of-a-kind garment we make. We guarantee you’ll feel the difference, the moment you enter our store.

Come, experience the RJ Bespoke luxury that is affordable and unique to you. It’s time to be bespoke

Our history

Founded in 1985, by our late father and husband Ajay Kumar Sachaphimukh, RJ Uomo has been committed to impeccable service and product excellence.

After his passing in 2008, his wife, Manju Kwatra and son, Arjun Sachaphimukh, took over and surpassed all expectations, including their own.

Manju Kwatra was born in a family of textile traders. Her understanding of fabrics helped her seamlessly transition into this business. Arjun Sachaphimukh, after graduating from university, joined the business and brought a fresh perspective to an old profession. While the latter brainstorms and innovates, the former designs solutions for clients using her vast knowledge and experience in textiles.

After being in the same location for 35 years, we transformed ourselves into a brand-new store that would fit with our philosophy of crafting beautifully individual, high-end, perfectly fitting garments.

RJ Bespoke is more than just a service. It is an experience that starts with our clients coming in and relaxing while we get to know them. This is the beginning of a well-tailored attire built around you. You can choose from thousands of fabrics and we will create the perfectly fitted garment.

We not only to provide impeccable clothing for our clients but love to forge everlasting relationships with them. Over time, we would love to be referred to not only as your tailor but as your friend. Having said this, be prepared to be welcomed with hot coffee, a cold beer, scotch, or just water to beat the Bangkok heat. Get to know us a little. It’s on us.


Location:Our store is located right in the heart of Bangkok (Ratchprasong intersection) and is conveniently accessible through the sky train (Chitlom station). We are surrounded by multiple five-star hotels, such as the St. Regis, Grand Hyatt, and Intercontinental hotel, and plenty of malls. You can plan your whole itinerary in this area when you come visit out store. We will gladly direct you anywhere. We are a stone’s throw away from everything.  
You imagine it, we make it:Our experienced tailors will turn your imagination into a reality. Whether it is a business suit, a tuxedo for a wedding, or a casual shirt for your beach vacation, we have got you covered. You can also take ideas from our vast selection of sample books and fabrics. There is something for everyone.
We are honest with our fabrics:We take time to explain the pros and cons of every fabric that we present to you. Choosing fabrics isn't as simple as picking the best one available. It is more about choosing a fabric that best fits your style, preferences, and needs.
Fair prices:We are not, by any means, the low-cost leaders in this profession. However, we make sure that our customers get what they pay for. We believe our prices to be fair.
A truly bespoke experience:Every individual is unique; so, should your bespoke experience. We take time to understand you before helping you select the fabrics and styles. We are more than a tailoring business. We help you create the ideal image yourself.
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